Austrian Vicechancellor: „Make Austria great again“

The honourable Austrian vicechancellor told our senior correspondent in a totally relaxed atmosphere last night, when drinking some beer and wine and smoking healthy cigarettes:
„We, so our party the FPOE, make austria great again. We are just always looking backwards for about 80 years. That is our history. And we honour our heritage, by drinking and singing good old german folk songs, organising marches with torches, maybe in the future with nice black or brown uniforms, and so on – one more beer or some wine? It´s a Styrian Juncker you understand? – HaHa (laughing out loud).


Ministry of great AustriaFor making our country great again we only need
– 150 Euros,
– 140 km/h
– 106 documented isolated cases
– 12 hour workday,
– 3 horses
– 1 Bumsti
– 1 ponyriding Herbert and nona
– 0 refugees

no fake it´s all true.
and next is to get Southern Tyrol back home to our 1000 year lasting empire. No fake i promise! All german spoken inhabitants of Southern Tyrol will get Austrian passports. The only thing they need is something like a proof of their austrian ancestors. The more generations back the better for them. Then the border is no longer the Brenner and the Basetunnel is 100% austrian partly paid by the nonsense EU (smiling).

Well and then – maybe (twinkling with an eye) some talks to the Bavarian leaders Söder, Lakehofer or whoever. Because the Bavarians are from a historical view, their language and culture more Austrian than German and we all agree to completely disagree with Mom Angelas „Welcome refugees disaster“. So there can be a federation with Munich or if they don´t want this, maybe a friendly occupation. Haha – we come back with their own Leopard 2 tanks. Funny isn´t it?

Enough now – think i am a little bit drunk- before i say something stupid we end here.“
Ahh – before i forget: We see tomorrow at paintball?“
Next he went out for a pee

Brownhouse correspondent
F.A. Kenews

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